Jesus Hooligan: Only As Jung As You Feel

Jesus Hooligan3

This is nominally a ‘review’ of Jesus Hooligan’s Feel EP that I requested he forward to me after I posted several slightly undignified entreaties via Facebook after having heard & liked the Touch Pure Passion long form release.

Whilst on his Facebook timeline I espied a piece he had posted regarding an ungainly and unnecessary tangle with a promoter, which is clearly an oxymoron (‘though the ‘moron’ part’s about right), because all promoters seem to want to do is promote themselves off of the backs of talented but sometimes gullible artists.

Some reckless, feckless, sexless fool who had tried verbally jousting with Mr B (and by extension also Mrs B – they come as a redoubtable pair) was Christened as a ‘keyboard warrior’ by Mrs B!

Despite all the positives the ‘net has brought us, it’s yin-yang opposite is the ‘dark net’ which is populated by a twisted army of these newly energised and digitally enhanced numpties who can flex to their black hearts content, cowed and quivering as they hide shouting insults & untruths while all the while hiding behind technology and the sanctuary it affords…

Mr B is remarkably restrained and just calls him ‘boy’ and rather helpfully and manfully says: ‘we’ll meet up for a chat – no violence and you can call me a pr*ck to my face!’,at which point the pixelated peripatetic pixie loses the scintilla of bottle he had and the call’s over. Seems he was sent packing with a flea in his jaundiced ear and the rest of the circus up his skinny ‘arris!

All this to say that Mr B seems to live in a parallel world where he, Mrs B and all the little Bees are surrounded by fools and n’er-do-wells; one of whom has just had the rare treat of ‘experiencing’ as opposed to ‘listening’ to this vibrant and visceral EP that’s currently trading under the nomme du gare of Feel.
First thing to note is the artwork : a childlike logo which it seems was done by a child, err like, and the kind of stay-in-the-psyche eye worm that TV’s Mad Men would stab each other in the back for…

Old Fashioned Love Song doesn’t so much ‘start’ as rain down like a pound of metal manna from muso heaven as a squall of gonzoid feedback announces that we’re very much off!

‘Whips and chains, girl you’re driving me insane!’ in Mr B’s unique seal-like sing-song bark…utterly bonkers and utterly fabulous!

As a (miserable) Mancunian, I’m obligated to like a song called ‘Rain’ and handily I do as the haunting, mournful digeri -drone provides rich, solid backing for a scraped and percussive Buzzcocks-like guitar figure. This is all topped off with enthusiastic drum pounding…Think Adam and the Ants on cheap biker meth and you’re half way there : ‘Rain your love!’ indeed.

‘Sweat’ and there are more aural acrobatics that sound like half-starved musically inclined hyenas feasting on a guitar riff; only this time it’s virtually a funereal march; and this change down of sonic gears proves to be cracking idea .

Jame’s Song starts with a catchy and powerful and tribal-like ‘yea-ah’, that is virtually drums and vocals alone which proves to be an intelligent gambit, and thus avoid repetition.

All too soon we alight upon the finale: I Met a Woman, which seems to possess elements of all the previous tracks and as such is a fitting and intelligent way to close the EP; although the final word should go to the Les Dawson/Bernard Manning-like : ‘I met her mother she looked like a goat, I’d like to skin ‘er and use her as a coat!’

All terrific stuff so I returned enthused and expectant to Mr B’s Facebook timeline and I was not to be disappointed.

There was a shiny new video whereby the previously mentioned coward was summarily dismantled & deconstructed and then fed through a filter of Jungian philosophy by Mr B. Now that takes some doing.

He then deftly demonstrates that this idiot is in fact in no better shape ethically or morally than the disgusting BBC- endorsed paedophile Jimmy Savile!

Conclusion? You’re only as Jung as you ‘Feel’…

© 2016


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  1. Greg Russell says:

    Excellent dude !


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