* Their Finest Hour – Tom Hingley *

In case you missed it

Rahman the Writer


A word that’s oft-ascribed but very seldom deserved these days is: ‘legend’. In our ersatz and homogenised times, if you don’t consider Tom Hingley one, you probably have worryingly woeful taste in music, and so by extension you should move along, nothing to read here.

Tom’s most famous and impressive usp is, of course, that voice. As hard and as rich as aged walnut if the song demands it, but with his range he could serenade a virgin at vespers, and although this is admittedly an unlikely scenario; hopefully you get the point.

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There’s a Bob Dylan song you’re probably acquainted with called ‘When I Paint My Masterpiece. Bearing this in mind, which piece of work that you have produced are you most proud of and why?

My first solo record: Keep Britain Untidy (2000) is possibly considered my best solo effort. It contained five songs I’d…

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