Kill the Colossi: ‘Fuck the Tax Man’

As austerity bites, so too do Kill The Colossi!

Very few bands get it right first time of asking. Even those acknowledged masters of the pop idiom, the Stones & the Beatles, stumbled a little at the off, with both issuing pretty insipid and uninspired lead-off singles; that’s if we’re being completely honest.

Bournemouth’s (the ‘mouth’ is a clue) four piece Kill the Colossi have no need for training wheels or manuals, as they have clearly and noisily evolved fully-formed. This is a tightly played, joyous, raucous anthem; all hammered hme with the gloriously potty-mouthed payoff line: ‘Fuck the Tax Man!’- and who hasn’t though that as you’re fleeced yet agaon at the bar or a petrol station!

An effectively simple accompanying video too, which shows the band in a see sawing semi-circle facing drummer Steve Higgins, seemingly drawing energy from this ska, punk power station!

Let’s hope the Disunited Kingdom takes note of this buzz sawing, bellicose anthem because if there’s any justice in this sceptic pile (formerly sceptred isle), the festival mosh pits will resound next Summer to this thesaurus- eschewing pop punk paen to drunken abandon.

Join Kill the Colossi and start a spirited fight back….’Oi!’ 

Watch the ‘Fuck the Taxman’ video!


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