The Snake & the Salamander

The Temptation Hugo vand der Goes 1467
 ‘The Temptation’ Hugo van der Goes 1469

In a seductive and perfectly executed manoeuvre, the snake unfurled its unctuous coils and enticed the Woman to partake of the sweetest and most delicious fruit from the loftiest and most magnificent tree in the Garden. After she had eaten she encouraged the man to do the same.

The malodorous and partially hidden salamander looked on and surveyed the scene, both silently and triumphantly. His unstoppable, terrible plans were progressing beautifully.

Although the man & woman were physically perfect, their undoing was their innate narcissism which manifested itself in a ravenous hunger for knowledge and a spiritual thirst that could never be adequately slaked.

And so, the fall of man and woman began, and we’ve been lost in the same spiritual tailspin ever since. But remember this: it’s not the fall that ends one’s transitory existence – it’s the terrible, murderous landing. And it’s imminent.

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